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Where does the love go(Yvonne C.)


Where is the love(Black Eyed Peas)

Als unser Hass noch Liebe war(Yvonne C.)

Wild horses(Natasha B.)

There you will be(Faith Hill)

Dieser Weg(Xavier Naidoo)

Fighter(Christina A.)

Because of you(Kelly C.)

These boots are made for walking(Jessica S.)

Pieces of me(Ashlee S.)

Freunde bleiben(Revolverheld)

Don't lie (Black Eyed Peas)

Breakaway(Kelly Clarkson)


Happy Birthday(Flipsyde)

Beep(Pussycat Dolls)

Stupid Girls(P!nk)

I will always love you(Whitney Houston)

Pump it(Black Eyed Peas)

Be without you(Mary J.Blidge)


Erinner mich dich zu vergessen (Yvonne C.)